'Black Ink Crew' Star Ceaser Emanuel Accused Of Kicking, Punching Teen Daughter While She Showered Over Dirty Dishes

‘Black Ink Crew’ star Ceaser Emanuel has been accused by his own daughter, Cheyenne, of abuse.

According to Cheyenne, her father attacked her while she took a shower because she left dishes in the sink. Cheyenne claims Ceaser beat her while she was nude.

via Bossip:

“It’s a shame that because he’s on tv that people would think it’s ok to kick and punch me and stomp me like I’m a dog in the street” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Cheyenne went live sometime after the incident, still visibly upset and screaming.

“He put hands and feet on me! I’m a female! I don’t give a f****!”

The live video shocked people who know Ceaser from his reality TV fame and Cheyenne, who has appeared on VH1’s Black Ink alongside her dad. The teen vented further in her IG stories after fans chimed in, calling Ceaser her “sperm donor.” The teen seemed to be asking her dad to stop texting her, adding that she would “never lie for him” or claim him as her father again.

Cheyenne’s allegations were shocking to say the least, but didn’t prompt a public response from her dad right away. As she made her claims, Ceaser seemed to be enjoying a night out with his girlfriend Suzzette, who later claimed was present during the incident and took Ceaser’s side.

Suzette painted Cheyenne as undisciplined, pointing out her struggles with losing weight. Suzette also claimed Cheyenne’s mom Crystal was the culprit behind the teen exposing him on social media.

“You want $600 wigs and don’t want to wash dishes?” Suzette wrote referring to the teen. You can see Suzette’s entire rant HERE, claiming Cheyenne has no respect for her, her mom, or her dad.

Watch a capture of Cheyenne’s Instagram Live stream below followed by her mother’s reaction.


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