Blac Chyna Claims She Has 'Bombshell Evidence' to Prove She Never Hit Rob Kardashian |

Blac Chyna Claims She Has ‘Bombshell Evidence’ to Prove She Never Hit Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna is pulling out the receipts in her legal battle against Rob Kardashian.

In new legal documents obtained by The Blast, Blac Chyna claims she has “bombshell evidence” that will prove she never hit Rob.

She says has obtained a 2016 report from the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services that looked into the alleged violent incident between the former couple.

In the report, Rob allegedly admitted Chyna never hit him.

via Page Six:

“When questioned by DCFS on January 4, 2017 (just 3 weeks after Chyna’s alleged ‘violent attack’) about an ‘anonymous’ report of domestic violence against Rob by Chyna, Rob replied that the allegations are ‘false’ and ‘there is no domestic violence between [me] and [Chyna],’” the documents state.

Chyna further alleges the DCFS report also includes a note from investigators: “Specifically, Kardashian father stated mother [Chyna] has never hit him.”

Chyna claims the documents prove the reclusive reality star lied under oath when he claimed Chyna attacked him with a 6-foot metal pool, punched him in the face and scratched him, causing visible injuries on his person.

“The acquired new, bombshell evidence in further support … proving that Rob Kardashian perjured himself by testifying under oath that Chyna hit him in December 2016,” the documents state, per the outlet.

In February, Chyna filed a motion to dismiss Rob’s assault claims. At the time, Kardashian alleged Chyna had attempted to strangle him with an iPhone charger but she denied it.

Chyna is now hoping this evidence will be enough to have the lawsuit tossed out. Rob’s attorney, Marty Singer, denied Chyna’s claims in a statement to Page Six on Friday.

“Blac Chyna’s physical attack on Rob Kardashian was witnessed by multiple individuals, each of whom submitted sworn declarations in support of Rob,” he said.

“Chyna does not make any effort to refute these witnesses’ statements, because it is impossible. Chyna and her attorney know that these witnesses confirm that she brutally physically attacked Rob, pointed a gun at his head and threatened to kill him. Witnesses also confirm that Rob suffered bruising, abrasions and scratches.”

In court documents obtained by Page Six earlier this week, Rob alleged that Chyna “pointed a gun at [his] head and threatened to kill him,” which Singer addressed again in his statement.

“Also, Rob, nor anyone else feel it’s a matter of ‘joking’ (Chyna’s defense) to hold a gun to someone’s head during an argument or any other time period.”

Chyna’s attorney claimed in a statement to us that the interaction was “flirty.”

“Part of that raucous and flirty celebration included Chyna ripping her fiancé Rob’s shirt and then playfully stroking her fingernails against his chest,” the statement read. “Far from being ‘assault and battery,’ Rob instead admitted under oath at his deposition that being scratched by a woman is ‘one of the best things a man could ask for.’ Rob also admitted that he never feared for his life and actually thought it was ‘funny’ when Chyna teased him while holding Rob’s unloaded gun.”

Rob and Chyna share one child together, 3-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian.

It’ll be interesting to see if Rob’s defense can come back from this one…if true.

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