Bill Cosby 'Applauds' Eddie Murphy for Refusing to Mock Him on 'SNL 40'

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Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to take on the role of Bill Cosby during a sketch on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary special — but he declined.

via AP:

In a series of tweets, former “SNL” cast member Norm Macdonald described plans for Murphy to play the embattled Cosby in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch seen on Sunday’s “SNL 40th Anniversary Special.”

A Video Daily Double question on Favorite Cocktails would have brought up a “video clip” of Murphy mimicking Cosby behind a bar.

Will Ferrell as host Alex Trebek would then cut it off in embarrassment, explaining the “clip” was taped last June – months before the ongoing scandal exploded amid allegations that Cosby served dozens of women drugged cocktails and then sexually assaulted them.

“Eddie Murphy doing a perfect Cosby impression,” tweets Macdonald outlining how the sketch would have gone. “The audience does not let him finish. The sketch ends. The show, for all intents, ends.”

Norm later revealed that Eddie decided not to participate in the sketch last minute.


Bill Cosby acknowledged Eddie’s decision and expressed his appreciation.

‘I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,’ Cosby said through his spokesman Thursday.

Kenan Thompson ended up taking on the role as Cosby in a sketch that featured him mixing drinks.

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