Beyoncé Was Reportedly in Talks with HBO Before Netflix Dropped Major Cash on 'Homecoming'

Beyoncé has had a pretty good relationship with HBO over the years. HBO aired Lemonade, 2013’s Life Is But a Dream documentary and the On the Run concert special.

So, how did HBO miss out on Beyoncé’s Homecoming? Money.

via Vulture:

According to industry sources, HBO and Beyoncé’s team did have conversations about airing Homecoming. The cable network was interested, but, these sources say, Netflix stepped in with a ridiculously big money offer and HBO couldn’t justify matching such a steep price tag. It’s unknown exactly how much Netflix paid for the special.

Before landing Beyoncé’s Homecoming, Netflix took a similar approach of outspending the competition by snagging the rights to Springsteen on Broadway for reportedly more than $20 million, as well as big-name stand-up comedy specials by Chris Rock (a $40 million deal) and Dave Chappelle($60 million). As it turns out, money can’t quite buy you a Best Picture Oscar, but it can still buy whole lot else.

We would be VERY interested to know how much Netflix paid.

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