Do You Believe It? Rumor Suggests Future Has Been Cheating on Lori Harvey with Instagram Model Myesha Boulton

Are things rocky between Future and Lori Harvey?

According to an unverified rumor, things got a little too hot and heavy between Future and Lori’s good friend, Instagram model Myesha Boulton, during a trip to Jamaica a few months ago and now Future and Lori are going through it.

via Ace Showbiz:

Details of their relationship remain very scarce as of now, though a source has alleged that their affair occurred after his Jamaican trip with Lori and several of her friends. According to the source, who claims that her/his best friend works with Future, the “Life Is Good” rapper took her to a hotel to sleep with her.

Meanwhile, Lori is said to be suspicious of his affair and has been having constant argument with him. However, the insider notes that the two are still together.

Future has yet to respond to the report.

If Future were cheating, we wouldn’t be surprised — would you?

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