Bad Omen? Chipotle Sign Falls on Car, Crushes It Completely [Photos]


Chipotle had a pretty rough 2015, coming in second only to Iggy Azalea.

Now, here we are in 2016 and Chipotle’s still almost killing people — but this time it has nothing to do with their food or contamination.

In Indiana, a brick Chipotle restaurant sign toppled over on top of a car as the driver was trying to get out.

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via ABC:

Dozens of people stopped to snap photos of the scene near 86th and Westfield. It was hard for them to believe that anyone was able to walk away from the car after the giant concrete sign toppled onto it. 

The metal and concrete demolished the Honda Accord. A store worker says the driver had just stopped by to get his cell phone upgrade, but no sooner had he opened the door to step out when a big gust of wind helped push the wind onto his car. 

A Sprint store employee said the man came into the store bleeding while his co-workers called for help. 

“We heard this large crashing sound, I turn around and saw the sign on the car and then a guy just emerged from the car he kind of stumbled around a little bit,” Caleb Vilhauer said.

“It is hard to believe. I think it was a miracle that he was able to get out when he did cause if he, another split second probably he would be dead.”

The property owner sent a crew to clean things up. The driver of the car was checked out at the hospital. 

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