'Bad Boys For Life' On Pace For Huge $68 Million Opening Weekend at Box Office

After a few box office misses — it turns out all Will Smith needed was to reunite with Martin Lawrence.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ is on track to have a $66-68 million opening weekend.

via Complex:

According to Deadline, Bad Boys For Life’s very strong Martin Luther King Jr. weekend showing will make it the second highest grossing film ever over this particular holiday stretch, sandwiching it between first place American Sniper ($107.2 million in 2014) and Ride Along ($48.6 million, also in 2014). 

In terms of where it stands against the past two offerings from its own series, the projected $66-68 million weekend will represent a noticeable improvement over 2003’s Bad Boys II, which nabbed $46.5 million in its first few days. It will also make the franchise more money than the entire domestic gross of 1995’s series-opening Bad Boys, which finished its theatrical run with $65.8 million.

In case you’re wondering, Bad Boys For Life cost an estimated $90 million to make, not including its marketing budget. Looks like a good investment from where we’re standing. 

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