Backtracking? Floyd Mayweather Now Says He Never Slept With Tiny [Photo]


Floyd Mayweather has taken to Instagram to clarify comments he made during a press conference alleging that he slept with T.I.’s wife Tiny.

He posted the below photo explaining his words.

The photo reads:

“At the press conference I said ‘…he thinks I was f*cking his b*tch’/p>

LI did NOT say I was f*cking his b*tch. /p>

LI’ve never been with Tiny sexually and I think she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage.”

Whether he did it or not, referring to someone’s wife as a ‘bitch’ seems pretty disrespectful to us.

…and we can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to clear things up to avoid T.I.’s wrath. You know Tip doesn’t play!

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