Aubrey O'Day Claims Donald Trump Jr. Threatened to Leak Her Nudes to Silence and Discredit Her

Aubrey O’Day is still letting the world know about the Donald Trump Jr. she once dated.

After Aubrey took to Twitter several times to air out a bunch of Trump dirty laundry, she’s now saying that Donald Trump Jr. is attempting to silence her by threatening to leak her nudes.

The allegations came on Thursday after Aubrey responded to one of Donald Jr.’s tweets.

“Apparently Bloomberg was sleeping through the last four years where the highest levels of government conspired against the duly elected President of the United States,” he wrote to his followers.

That’s when Aubrey clapped back with her latest bombshell.

 “conspire against? wait.. isnt that the same thing you did to me when you discussed having a thumb drive of naked pictures and information about me that could be released in order to silence & discredit me if need be?” she replied.

If we randomly see naked pictures of Aubrey O’Day floating around the internet over the next few months, we’ll know where they came from.

Also — Aubrey needs to go ahead and write a book or something instead of giving all this tea away for free on Twitter.

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