Amie Harwick's Brother Demands Public Apology From Wendy Williams After She Cracked a Joke About Her Death |

Amie Harwick’s Brother Demands Public Apology From Wendy Williams After She Cracked a Joke About Her Death

Amie Harwick’s brother is demanding Wendy Williams apologize to his family after she made a light joke related to her death on-air.

via Fox:

In his first statement since Amie’s passing, Chris Harwick told Fox News on Wednesday that Williams’ comment and gesture about his sister’s homicide was appalling.

“Domestic violence is something no one should be joking about,” Chris told Fox News. “This is a difficult time for my family and for Wendy Williams to make light of this tragedy is very upsetting to us and extremely distasteful.”

He continued: “My sister worked tirelessly for domestic violence victims and women’s rights. Wendy Williams should apologize publicly to my family for her comment.”

Williams, 54, came under fire Monday after she brought up Amy’s death on her talk show. Amy was previously engaged to comic and “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey.

“She was killed, not by Drew, but by the ex,” Williams told her audience.

Williams then used the “Price is Right” catchphrase, “Come on down,” before turning her head as though to follow someone falling out of a building. The crowd stayed noticeably silent for a beat before Williams awkwardly tried to move things along.

Several viewers took to Twitter shortly after Williams’ uncomfortable comment to voice their distaste at the talk show host.

Chris’ statement to Fox comes hours after Amie’s ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, 41, was released from a Los Angeles jail on a $2,000,000 bond.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Amie’s death was a homicide. Her cause was revealed as blunt force trauma to her head and torso.

Pursehouse was arrested outside his home and booked on murder charges after Amie, 38, plummeted from a third-floor balcony to her death. According to reports, Amie had filed a restraining order against Pursehouse that had recently expired. She had reportedly seen Pursehouse two weeks before the fatal night.

Police said they were responding to reports of a “woman screaming” on Saturday when her roommate said Harwick was being “assaulted inside of her residence.” When officers found Harwick at her home, below a third-story balcony, she was “unresponsive” and they determined her injuries were “consistent with a fall.”

If Wendy does apologize, we’re sure she won’t really mean it.

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