Amber Rose Gets Seductive for 'Oyster' Magazine, Shares Her 'Online Dating Profile' [Photos]


Amber Rose is newly single and is ready to move on with her love life.

In a new feature for Oyster magazine, Amber revealed what would go into her online dating profile. In addition to the profile, Amber posed with models Yamal Akino and Gary Winfield for a sexy photo shoot.

Get into Amber’s profile & photos from the shoot below!

User name: Amber Rose
Quote to live by: “Be financially compensated for your heart”
Age: Seasoned
Sexuality: Human beings with really great hearts and personalities.
Profession: Being a bad bitch
Political affiliations: I’ll pretty much vote for anyone that is pro gay marriage and pro legalised marijuana.
Hobbies: Listening to loud ratchet music and dancing, playing with makeup, and shoe shopping.
Smoking habits: I don’t smoke.
Things that annoy you: People that chew with their mouths open, gulp to hard when they drink, poor personal hygiene and sarcasm if it isn’t funny.
Want children: I have one little boy named Sebastian. He’s almost two, and he’s AMAZZZZZZING.
Diet: Carnivore
Impress me by: By jumping in the air and staying there.
Pick me up in your: A spaceship…Yes you have to be that cool for me to date you.
NEVER ask me: To have a 3some. I don’t share.
Desirable attributes: A pretty smile, a great personality and if you can make me laugh? You can win my heart.
What I’ve learnt from past relationships: Not to give too much of myself…Save some for just me

You can read more of Amber’s“Imaginary Dating Profile” here.

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