Alabama Police Unable to Verify Carlee Russell's Kidnapping Claims, Say She Googled Movie 'Taken' & Amber Alert Info Before Disappearance

Alabama Police say they’ve been unable to verify the account of Carlee Russell, who allegedly was kidnapped in Alabama last week before turning up on her parents doorstep.

According to police, Carlee googled the movie ‘Taken’ along with several other alarming things the day of her disappearance.

via The Messenger:

Hoover Alabama Police Chief Nicholas Derzis said Wednesday that Russell, who claims she was kidnapped, had googled a slew of things that call her account into question, including information about Amber Alerts and a bus ticket to Tennessee.

Derzis also said she has not agreed to a follow-up interview, as police have requested.

Russell, 25, went to The Colonnade last Thursday evening to pick up food and then to Target, where she bought snacks. She then stopped on the highway while driving home and called 911, saying she saw a toddler on the side of the road. Then, she vanished, leaving her car, cell phone and wig behind.

Derzis said on Wednesday that before leaving work, she stole items including toilet paper that were not found in her abandoned car. The snacks purchased at Target also weren’t found.

Two days later, she reappeared on her parent’s doorstep. Her mother and father have since said her abductor is still at-large.

Police revealed on Wednesday that while Russell was on the phone with 911, she traveled 600 yards despite claiming to follow the small child. Nobody else had reported seeing a child on the highway and police seem to believe there was never a child on the highway.

Police also said there is no reason to believe anyone is at-large or a danger to the public.

Russell told police a man, who had said he was there to check on the baby, kidnapped her on the side of the highway and brought her to an undisclosed location. She then detailed what she said claimed was an arduous and traumatic escape.

Derzis said his department is still trying to figure out what went on during the 48 hours she was missing. “I think she only knows,” he said.

We would also like to point out that prior to her disappearance, Carlee’s search history read “taking money from a register without being caught,” “one-way bus ticket,” “Do you have to pay for an Amber Alert,” the film “Taken,” and “How to take money from a register without being caught?”

Carlee’s family maintains she was kidnapped.

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