50 Cent Accuses SlowBucks Of Abusing Ashanti's Sister After She Shows Heavy Injuries [Video]

50 Cent has reignited his beef with hip-hop entertainer Slowbucks. It all started after Ashanti’s sister, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, shared on Instagram a video of her terrifying injuries from an abusive relationship to celebrate her 31st birthday.

In the video, she put all the transformative moments in her life, from the day she was born until she turned 31. However, after the one-minute mark, things took a darker turn. Images of her sporting a black eye and a bloody face with her teeth broken flashed on the screen as she talked about how one’s experiences change as they grow older.

“Our experiences begin to shape our realities. Here, we learn about pain, isolation, sacrifice and heartache,” she said in voiceover. “These experiences though, no matter how bad, how painful, how ugly, how dark, how beautiful, are all threads that together wove our story and shape our purpose. They reignite our passion and remind us of who we are divinely meant to be.”

Shia didn’t name names in her clip, prompting people to speculate that the abuse was done by her former fiance Slowbucks. Among those who think so is Fiddy, who unsurprisingly didn’t keep his opinion to himself. The “Power” star shared the video on his own account and added in the caption, “yo what’s wrong wit you boy, hitting that girl like that.”

Slowbucks has yet to respond to Fiddy.

Slowbucks and Shia dated for a few years before getting engaged in 2016. In an interview, she gushed over how strong their relationship was even after the industry drama, including his beef with Fiddy. “I don’t think that any real woman would let anything hinder their relationship,” she said at the time. “If it’s a real relationship and the love and everything in between is authentic, then nothing can hinder your relationship. Only death.”

It’s unknown when Slowbucks and Shia called it quits, though some believe that it was between 2018-2019.

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