49ers Fans Get In Massive Brawl at Preseason Game, One Knocked Out

NFL games tend to bring out the passion in fans. Often times that passion is expressed in how loud the stadium is while the home team is on defense or when the home team scores. However, there are times were that passion boils into anger in the stands and fans start attacking each other.

As TMZ reports, it’s unclear what led to the massive melee Saturday night at Levis Stadium as the 49ers hosted the Denver Broncos in a preseason matchup, but it got messy fast. You can see lots of pushing, shouting and confusion before blows are exchanged.

One of the blows appears to knock the dude out, sending him into a chair. After things calm down, the same guy — wobbly on his feet — gets up with blood on his mouth and shirt.

Event staff leads the battered dude up and out of the section, while he struggles to take on the stairs.

Fighting in general is clownish behavior if you’re above the age of 10. You have no idea what a stranger might be capable of, and as tough as you think you are, I can promise you there’s someone a lot tougher walking around.

You know what’s even dumber? Fighting at a sporting event. Imagine paying your hard-earned money to get jacked in the face? How stupid can people be?

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