12-Year-Old White Girl Gets Harshly Criticized for Showing Off Her Blonde Box Braids on Social Media [Photos]

mallorymerk_2015-Jan-17 3

12-Year-Old Mallory Merk decided to try something new with her hair.

mallorymerk_2015-Jan-17 2

Like most 12-year-old girls, she was excited to show off her new look to friends on social media. Things quickly escalated after pictures of Mallory in her new blonde box braids started to make rounds.

Many people found the braids to be ‘offensive’ and just another form of cultural appropriation.

Writer/editor Jamilah Lemieux summed up the majority of backlash and opposition:

It wasn’t all bad though — a lot of people showed support for Mallory and her new choice of hairstyle.

Mallory later issued the following apology:


We’re not sure if 12-year-old Mallory crafted that apology herself or had help from her parents, but it’s refreshing to see someone make a sincere apology even if their intentions weren’t to offend.

So, we have to ask love muffins — what do you think of Mallory’s braids? Are they offensive? Or are they simply a little girl trying out a new style?

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