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Exclusive: Tyga Reportedly Cheating on Kylie Jenner with an Actress — Check Out the Racy Text Messages & Nude Pics He Sent Her [Photos]


A few moments ago we received several emails from an ‘anonymous’ source alleging rapper Tyga has been cheating on Kylie Jenner with an actress named Mia Isabella.

The email we received reads:

Transsexual actress Mia Isabella & Rapper TYGA  had [an] ongoing relationship for almost 3 years since she moved to LA. She’s down for him has been since he was with Chyna. Allegedly, there was a possible sex tape when she was roommates with a model named Capri [who was once] linked with Charlie Sheen

….As you can see they got smart and came up with a plan for if the public ever found out about their relationship using her career as a fashion stylist & consultant for his brand as the connection. In her circle they made no secret of the relationship even inviting people enter their private time together. Clearly for her he’s been willing to risk it all having made plans to see each other just a couple weeks ago and never stopping their relationship through a baby mama and alleged girlfriend. They seem to have a lot of love for each other even as she was being courted by a boxer named Jean Pascal she had no interest in.

Now, that seems a little crazy to us — but what DIDN’T seem so crazy were the endless screenshots of their alleged conversations.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what Tyga’s d*ck looks like (allegedly) — peep the message below.

Now that we got the ‘goods’ out of the way, get into the rest of their (alleged) racy text exchange (including more of Tyga’s ‘eggplant’ pics) below.

Tyga’s legal team wasn’t really feeling those photos, so we’ve been asked to take them down. We obliged. It was fun while it lasted…but it ain’t over! Stay tuned.

  • JustBookADamnHotelDamn


    • xtincta

      Be grateful it’s posted, hoe as motherfucker!

  • Amira Zhogadu

    This feels weird. On one end, I was really curious to see Tyga’s dp as well as his interaction between him and the mysterious girl esp since she is trans and so am I. In some way, I wanted to live through her vicariously but after reading all these texts, I feel like I’ve invaded someone’s privacy on such a monumental scale. How is it anybody’s business what two consenting adults are doing? These are really personal texts and I fear that by disclosing such personal interactions where trans women are involved, we are only incrementing the kind of shame and stigma already associated with loving a trans woman. This is not helping anybody and is really, kinda fucked up. This isn’t even about him cheating on Kylie Jenner, because again that’s a personal issue they have to deal with in their own personal space and time. This is more about trans women always having to assume the role of “the other women” because of shame and stigma, more so now due to articles like these. Now famous rappers and businessmen have to continue loving trans women “on the DL” lest they get “outed” by another news blog. It’s already so hard being trans without the media shaming men for loving a trans women. If you think about it, this is VERY invasive and it is impeding the fight for transgender people to exist in the world.

    • PassionPassion

      You chose this life that’s different and are upset about what? He’s a celebrity so it’s always going to be a notch above what a regular person would experience. Live your life! Celebrities know what that life comes with! Good and bad! We know yall exist. Hell Kylie daddy is your spokeswoman now, just like marriage equality, it’ll take time but people have to get over the stigma. Don’t get your panties in bunch Hun!

      • natwtvr

        Transgender people don’t “choose” to be transgender more than you “chose” to be cisgender.

        • MaryRachel

          I choose not to be called “cisgender”. I am a heterosexual gender normative chromosomal female and I refuse to be put into this new made up category. I am not “cisgender”

          • Damion L. White

            So let me get this straight (pardon the pun)… You choose to be something that you became before you had any cognitive ability (i.e. the means with which choice is made)? If that’s what you’re suggesting, I’d really like to know how you did it! B/C That’d be AMAZING!

          • MaryRachel

            I chose not to become like Chaz Bono. Just because I was born this way doesn’t mean I have to stay this way, does it? I put in “heterosexual” to cover all my bases but this would be true if I were a lesbian which I would choose to be if I could. Daddy issues.

        • Janeben

          What the hell is “cisgender”??? You are either male, female or intersex. Anything else is a made up category. If I stuck a beak on my face and tied on wings, learned how to chirp and insisted that everyone call me a bird, that would not make me a bird. That would make me delusional. Trans people are delusional because they do not accept what gender their bodies clearly show them that they are.

          • BiggSkinny

            Its not delusional, it’s a mental disorder.
            Im transgendered myself and even i don’t have a f**kin clue what MaryracheL or natwtvr are talking about. lol

      • MaryRachel

        I hope they will come around and reject Brucelyn as their spokesperson because I think she is making them look bad and I don’t want that. She’s turning into a Kartrashian and they make women look bad. Transfemales deserve better than that. Go with Laverne Cox she has overcome a lot or someone cool I haven’t heard of yet.

    • Starr

      Since when do the Kardashians care about privacy? They do everything for publicity and attention. Tyga not only dates and has sex with a minor, but he flaunts it and boasts about it. And we’re supposed to respect his privacy? If the trans model wasn’t the one who leaked this, then I feel bad for her, and her privacy was certainly invaded. But she had to have known what she was getting into when she hooked up with a famous celeb engaged to another famous celeb, and then carrying on with another famous teenage celeb.

      • MaryRachel

        Actually Mia came before Kylie and Tyga is cheating on Mia with Kylie. Tyga cheated on Chyna with Mia. I am not sure who dumped who but I am pretty sure it was over Mia.

    • Your mom

      need I remind you that you are on a GOSSIP internet site, dear?

    • Phoxxie

      Yall want equal rights. Here you go. Just because she’s a trans gives her no special passes.

    • MojoT.

      I am for the same rights for everyone. Unfortunately, that might include someone who is transgender when they are shined in a negative light. I do not believe people of any race, creed or sexual orientation should be targeted or disrespected. But for everyone to be equal, unfortunately that means L,B,G,T should be as exposed as anyone else. What would actually be wrong is to not include this story because of someone’s sexual orientation. If they are going to write and we are going to read celebrity gossip or any news for that matter, it shouldn’t only include stories about white, straight people.
      Please know I say this without ever knowing what it is like to be trans so my outlook will certainly be different than yours. My words are with all due respect.

      • MaryRachel

        Is this person* doing anything wrong? Tyga is the one cheating on Mia with Kylie not the other way around. *I’m a bit confused about Mia’s gender now that I’ve been to Mia’s website. Mia mentions the terms “she-male” “ts chick” “girl” and brags about a “10 inch sword” I believe Mia is pangender if that is a thing.

        • MojoT.

          I certainly do not think she is doing anything wrong at all! As far as I know she wasn’t the one in a committed relationship. If my remarks came off like that, I apologize as that was not my intention at all. I really hadn’t heard of Mia before this so I have no idea how she identifies. When I look at the pictures on this article, (I haven’t seen the website) I think female (that’s why I use “she”) but I support however anyone wants to live as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Tyga cheating – I have no respect for.

    • orrrr if they’re gonna love trans women they can do it out in the open. you can’t get “outed” if you’re never “on the DL”

    • Queen B

      So serious question….. What does s3x feels like now that u r a woman?

    • natwtvr

      This is so true, wow.

    • MaryRachel

      It’s up to transwomen to stand up for themselves. I say this out of love and solidarity, straight women aren’t always good at ensuring we are treated with respect by the men in our lives and all women need to do that. It will help if she puts her foot down and says she will not accept being the other woman anymore.

      She has been his constant through two relationships but she is not THE relationship. Either she is seeing others and DGAF or she is allowing herself to be seen as second best. I hope it’s an open relationship and it’s not that she is an embarrassment to him. Kylie may just be a willing beard, she’s so young that she may think its romantic.

    • Kee

      Those who are more evolved, as I, will see this as nothing more than a rapper cheating on hollywood ‘royalty’. The trans part never entered my mind as I read through the exchange via txt between and woman and a scoundrel pig male. Don’t assume everyone thinks the way you are assuming. (No offence to pigs intended)

    • corn cobb

      Oh please. She’s a porn actress. Do you want to create the idea that most trans are? You’ve already got Caitlyn to deal with. Don’t add to that. Besides, MIA’s the one who’s supposedly outing him, but I don’t think that’s even true,

  • An Observation

    “Affair”? I thought “affairs” were for married people. All he is (allegedly) is a lying little cheat. But he is very much single. And for all we know that big lipped little girl could be giving him a pass…

  • Divame

    Why is this blog so crappy,,these texts should be in a slideshow, not this 2008 bull, get flash????

    • just sayin

      lol flash is soo 2001

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    old foot kris didn’t realize that if he’d date a child he has no boundaries?

    • Ulquiorra

      Lmao. Basically. But he better be ready. Them Kardashians drag their exes through dirt, water, the earth’s core, the solar system. They will tear him up. Specially since he messing with a minor. They might throw his ass in jail.

      • TRINA MO

        Not Kylie. She won’t go anywhere. That child is obsessed with him.

      • ?Sugar&Spice?

        mhm I cannot wait! LOL

      • LaTasha Post

        The mom doesn’t care, the dad is too busy looking for his next dress and heels, the one sister can’t keep her baby daddy from cheating, the other is living for social media and the other is parading her newest dik of the moment. None of them will do more than go a few rounds on social media with him, if they were gonna do anything, they would’ve done it before this.

      • JJCommonSense

        Shes not a Kardashian.. she a Jenner.. lol

    • Guy person

      I just don’t believe it on that pure fact that there were 2 phone
      numbers at one point ( he could have gotten a different phone who knows.
      But then there was a message where they tried too hard to incriminate
      him. I’m not a tyga fan I’m just skeptical. That one pic was like I
      have the perfect story so we dont get caught I do fashion etc… remember the time we had that
      3some with that one friend.and blah blah blah why would you bring it up
      like that ijs. unless that nigga tyga is allegedly talking to released
      all these texts himself.

    • lalee

      Old foot?

      • ?Sugar&Spice?

        lol yes. old people have old feet.

    • David

      No Transgender hassexual boundaries. A Transgender is the result of the Three p’s: Pollution, Prescriptions and Poor nutrition.

  • Offset

    Tyra just came off hella thirsty!! Some one get this young feller a bottle of Evian. Seemed like he was constantly begging

    • NYCTim

      What does Tyra have to do with this? Leave my girl out of it.

  • tasha

    At least Mia is of legal age…

    • Goldberg Brian

      But it’s a faggot smh

  • Ego

    Just because that dude says he is an actress doesn’t mean he is an actress. Just say Tyga fucked a guy with girl tits. not an actress.

    • Your mom

      he’s a porn actress, fyi

      • Ego

        lol thats not even an actress. we just give them all the very generic “porn star” label. hilarious that this site labelled him an actress to be sympathetic to him for being LGBT

        • natwtvr


          • MaryRachel


          • yardie

            Him, you’re sick

        • MaryRachel

          Female porn perfomers are referred to as porn actresses. They acting like they are attracted to Ron Jeremy. I couldn’t do that. Hideous men are why I hate porn. I don’t need to see that.

    • natwtvr

      She’s a girl

      • Ego

        no he isnt its a guy with surgery

        • natwtvr

          Right, surgery that transformed her into a woman.

      • MaryRachel

        They are both by choice. Women do not brag about our 10 inch swords.

        • natwtvr

          Some do, clearly. She no more chose to be a woman than you chose your gender identity.

      • Flip Jumpman

        Please stop lying to yourself. What reproductive organs does Mia have? Testicles, so Mia is a man.

        • natwtvr

          Only biologically does she have “male” organs. Her gender identity is female, and the two are separate. Try reading a bit about psychology and maybe you’ll understand more.

    • MaryRachel

      Mia’s site references “She-Male” porn and refers to her/himself as a “TS chick” I refuse to call a human being “it” but I can’t use “he” or “she” based on how Mia refers to um “themself?”. Mia is pangender if that is a thing. I believe most of Mia’s work is in still photographs, there are a few films mentioned but not many.

      • Ego

        the way I look at it he was a born a guy and you cant change that. you can only play dress up and play pretend. people may play along with them, but he is not really ever going to be a female. he is just a guy. nothing more, nothing less.

  • ludz

    one man shouldnt be taking this many Ls

  • kUSHSmoKer21

    Damn Tyga just….Damn bro.

  • Tyga only started dating

  • Hoosier girl

    Where are the pics?!!!!

    • Fish Pockets

      Click NSFW

      • Hoosier girl

        Thank you.

  • Ish Tar

    boooooooooooooooooooooo they should start doing penis injections pump that shit up!

    • Fish Pockets

      Nigga that’s at the very least 6″ and about 5″ in girth. No way near small. Stop watching porn lol

      • MaryRachel

        I’m a straight woman and I hate porn (see Ron Jeremy comment above – I was scarred for life) guess the myth is not true or I have been extremely lucky. I have 2 exes both white and both bigger than that.

        • Fish Pockets

          Congrats? Well considering it’s estimated that about 15% of the male populous has dicks 7″+ and girths bigger 5.5″+ I would say it’s the latter. Also, the the myth of dick size and race has long been debunked. Just like the myth that white women has super tight pussies. All BS stereotypes push by porn and ignorant people.
          All I’m saying is 6″ is nowhere near small as implied in the OP comment. If you like bigger dicks, more power to ya, but I advise if you want more than 6″ on the regular then cuff them.

  • The Truth

    Nice of you guys to plaster your stupid logo all over the good bits.

  • Princess Libby

    Am I the only one tempted to call those phone numbers? Lmao

    • Rebecca Hathaway

      The first number is out of service, and the second number says the mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages. You’re welcome. :)

      • Princess Libby

        Haha! I love it!!

  • Keep It Real or STFU

    Tyga out here giving lightskinned niggas a bad look..

    • MaryRachel

      Chris Brown has done more to make lightskinned black men look bad than anyone. Tyga just looks bad.

  • realroca

    Fake like my name is Ricky.

  • Guest

    What’s up with these ” straight ” men being with trans ppl . If,you’re gay ,just come out no big deal ,but don’t go around fooling women

  • gagirl87

    Wow then his number isn’t blurred out. Now granted I’m sure his number has been changed but I’m sure Kylie knows if this is or was his number . I know that penis looks familiar to her????????

  • Anthony Taylor

    Why so many dudes with hot (if not underage) chicks always get caught messing with trans-women?

    • Champion Battles®


    • MaryRachel

      Because they are in denial that they are either gay or a different orientation all together – looking for a name for an attraction to intersex or pangender people. I can’t say trans women because not all trans women have penises. I’m guessing straight men can be attracted to an anatomically correct trans-woman. The reverse is not true because trans-men tend to be smaller and daintier than chromosomal men. Then again maybe some women who are not me like dainty men. My friends ex was very male but very tiny.

  • Entertainmentluvva

    dude got ALL THE WAY exposed !

  • Bushy

    Not as big as the myth.

  • digital_femme

    Gross. Just gross all around.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Then again, he does have a reality show coming soon too. He’s going to ride the “hank and kendra” wave too I bet. I know of him for his shenanigans. I still can not name one Tyga song or feature.

  • JosE Ortiz

    Waooo tyga, what happend?

  • TYGA

    Shits fake

    • Offset

      nigga I know yo number……thas you blood.

      • TYGA

        Nigga I claim crip I’m tyga IM from 5 deuce Hoover

  • Jamie

    This will be fairly easy to prove true or false. If one of these were ever Tyga’s number, his circle, management, and Blac Chyna KNOW. If he wasn’t, he can easily say and prove that he has never had such a number. He ain’t gonna say that tho with his sicko ass.

  • nofame

    Birdman Or Blac Chyna did this?

  • ?THE MET ? GALA™?

    Tyga, Tyga, Tyga, Tyga smh

    Tyga, Tyga, Tyga, Tyga seriously?

  • GenB


    Porn star.

  • This really isn’t proof? It’s just a picture of him and then texts anyone can fake. I’m not a fan of his or anything, I just think this person is probably looking for their 15 mins.

  • Curry

    Birdman turned this nigga out

  • Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    Wim just glad the kardashian parents aren’t so interested in fame as to not notice their young daughter is getting plowed by a loser rapper who sells literally tens of records. Just awful decisions being made everywhere with this pack of zeros

  • lalee

    Damn and Kylie was hoping to once again copy Kim and make her own sex tape in a few weeks..she will be 18 then at least the little monkey boy has enough brains to wait till she’s legal. If this idiot blank faced girl stays with him knowing he’s into sex with men dressed as woman than she’s sicker than the others..stupid girl,she coulda had it all why did she give it away foe nothing?