Zendaya Defends Herself After Comedian Julie Klausner Suggests She Has an Eating Disorder: 'Do You Wanna Be Next?'


Comedian Julie Klausner is refusing to back down after rudely suggesting Disney star Zendaya has an eating disorder and is “starving herself” following Zendaya’s appearance and acceptance speech at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards.

It all started when The Hollywood Reporter tweeted an article covering Zendaya’s acceptance speech in which she thanked parents for ‘allowing me to be a role model for your children.’

Julie retweeted the article, while calling Zendaya a ‘thinspo model for your impressional tweens’.

She then followed up by referencing Zendaya’s infamous feud with Giuliana Rancic:

Zendaya hopped on Twitter to respond, threatening to ‘educate’ Julie with another paragraph — similar to how she got Giuliana together last year.

The paragraph never came.

Instead, Zendaya encouraged everyone to love their own body type.

After getting fed up with being attacked by Zendaya fans, Juilie proceeded to make somewhat tasteless jokes referencing Nancy Reagan’s body type and her relationship with AIDS.

One glance at Julie’s mentions and you can see that people are getting together from EVERY angle.

To be honest, we don’t even know who Julie Klausner is — but she better be careful. We DO remember what happened to Giuliana.

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