Wendy Williams Slammed for ‘Hateful’ Segment on TikTok Star Swavy’s Death [Video]

Wendy Williams is certainly no stranger to clips of her show going viral, but a bewildering segment from this week slipped into the truly bizarre.

via: New York Post

The self-proclaimed “queen of media” has Twitter in a tizzy over comments she made about TikTok star Matima “Swavy” Miller, who died of a fatal gunshot wound on Monday.

Web watchdogs are barking mad after Williams, 56, allegedly used the 19-year-old social media sensation’s passing to “coax laughter” from her audience.

The controversial talk show host took ample time during her daily Hot Topics segment to point out, “I have no idea who this person is … neither does one person in this building,” before professing incredulity that Swavy had more social media followers than she does.

A clip of the segment, tweeted out Thursday night, has racked up more than 3 million views — and hundreds of thousands of angry responses. Williams is infamous for pushing buttons — but this latest stunt has some declaring the ex-WBLS shock jock canceled by “Black Twitter.”

“She is so hateful. Like, she basically treated the announcement of his death like it was funny gossip,” said an outraged fan on one Twitter post with more than 70,000 likes. “Why disparage him? Why even talk about him at all if you and your audience are that removed from even knowing who he is? . . . She really coaxed laughter from the audience before announcing this young man’s murder.”

Another shocked viewer responded, “Right but then you could hear the audience gasp when she said what had happened to him. He was a very young man, may he Rest In Peace.”

“We all know Wendy to be messy and with the s – – ts, but this wasn’t cool at all,” another disappointed fan chimed in to the tune of 20,000-plus likes. “I don’t know this man, but may he rest in peace. I’m sorry his friends and family had to see this. Wow…”

It’s awkward television, for sure, but then it gets even weirder when Williams jumps right into announcing that the 19-year-old Miller was tragically shot and killed this week. It’s entirely unclear why this introduction of a person she had “no idea” existed needed to be brought up on the show, or handled that flippantly

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