Tragic: Teen Accidentally Kills Girlfriend with Gun He Received as a Graduation Gift [Video]

18-year-old Brennan Fields accidentally shot and killed his girlfriend in Arlington, Texas, while playing with a gun he received as a graduation gift.

Has he was playing, the gun accidentally fired and struck 19-year-old Lucinda Luna in the stomach.

She was rushed to the hospital where she later died from her injuries.

via WMCA:

“I found out a couple of hours ago, so I am still kind of distraught,” Kara Stubblefield, Luna’s friend, said.

Stubblefield grew up just feet away from Luna. The two girls, close in age, quickly became friends.

“She was always reading. Every time I went over there she was like here you need to read this book,” Stubblefield said.

Thursday night was supposed to be like any other night when the two girls would hang out with their group of friends. But, Kara was met with a sea of blue lights and first responders in front of Luna’s home.

“When I got home last night I saw the window open and I saw cops walking around so I knew something horrible happened,” Stubblefield said. 

Luna’s father gave Fields the gun as a gift. Stubblefield said Fields was experienced with guns, owning several and even going to the gun range frequently.

“This is going to hurt real bad for him [Fields]. Like he’s not going to get over this for a long time,” Stubblefield said. “I am just worried about Brennan really and her parents too.”

Investigators said it was a tragic accident.

Fields is not expected to face any charges.

“By all indications, there was no intent for this to happen,” SCSO spokesperson Earle Farrell said.

Why on Earth would you give an 18-year-old a gun as a graduation gift?

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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