Timbaland Suing Over $1.8 Million Stolen Watch


$1.8 Million watch? It must be nice…

More than two years after reporting the diamond-encrusted timepiece stolen, the rapper-producer has sued his insurance company over his still unpaid claim.

In the lawsuit, Timbaland (born Timothy Mosley) states that he paid more than $50,000 to defendant American Home Assurance Co. to insure various items, including the aforementioned Jacob & Co.-designed watch, worth roughly $1.8 million.

The suit states that the watch was stolen in August 2010 and Timbaland filed a claim with the insurance company to recoup his losses.

AHA is currently trying to have the lawsuit, which was filed last month, transferred from state court to a federal court in Miami, according to documents obtained today by E! News.

“People steal from me all the time,” Timbaland said on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM morning show after his watch first disappeared. “Stuff did happen, [if] it wasn’t a watch it was something else.”

via E! 

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