Stop the Madness: Another Woman Dies After Getting Butt Injections in a Motel


28-year-old Tamira Moble was charged with manslaughter and assault in the death of 22-year-old Tamara Blaine, after Mobley gave her butt injections in a motel last July.

An employee at the Liberty Hotel Inn called 911 after witnessing a woman experiencing convulsions.

From The NY Post:

Mobley — who has claimed to be a cosmetologist but is not licensed — left Blaine, a single mom from Queens, barely conscious on a bed in the Liberty Inn hotel after a clandestine meeting in which Mobley had promised to plump up Blaine’s behind, sources said.

Mobley has other victims, authorities said — although none of them appears to have met the same fate as Blaine.

“The defendant was running a small business [and ] we expect to have more charges,” Assistant District Attorney David Drucker said, noting that the additional charges would not include homicide.

In Blaine’s case, EMTs were called to the Meatpacking District hotel at around 12:30 p.m. the day she died and found her unresponsive.

Mobley was there, too, according to the criminal complaint. But she stuck around only long enough to tell responders that Blaine had suffered a seizure — then vanished. Mobley had booked the room for two hours, records show.

Blaine was taken to Roosevelt Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Her death was not ruled a homicide until October, with the medical examiner noting the puncture wounds in her buttocks.

An autopsy showed that Blaine died of the injection, which sent silicone into her veins, asphyxiating her and causing her to “lose consciousness very quickly.”

A subsequent probe into Blaine’s death revealed she and Mobley had exchanged several e-mails about the buttocks-enhancement procedure and had booked prior appointments in June 2012, September 2012 and February 2013, cops said.

Blaine paid Mobley “$500 to $800 on around six different occasions” for the illegally administered injections, according to a source.

Ladies, if you’re thinking about doing anything to your body that doesn’t involve a licensed professional and appropriate medical facilities — don’t.

There’s no point in having a big ol’ booty in a casket!

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