Sherri Shepherd Reveals She Lost 20 Lbs.: ‘I Love the Way I Feel’ [Photos]

Sherri Shepherd has slimmed down and she’s ready to show it off.

via People:

The Emmy winner, 53, revealed Saturday that she’s lost 20 lbs. after setting a goal to lose 15 lbs.

Shepherd celebrated the latest mark on her health journey by posting a video of herself in a fitted blue shirt and high-waisted jeans. In the video, the talk show host danced to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

“my goal was 15lbs but I just hit 20lbs!” she captioned the clip. “It’s been a journal of mental self talk… believing in my worth… knowing my son Jeffrey needs his Momma healthy & whole and wanting to live a life filled w joy.”

Shepherd added, “I’ve shed tears because I relied on sugar & carbs (the bad ones), cookies & candy to get me through but In changing my lifestyle and my relationship to food, I love the way I feel.”

“Clear headed… more clarity, focused & walking in my purpose!” she said of her mental state.

In the comments section, one fan asked, “So are you lower than 151 now??”

“Yessss??,” Shepherd responded.

The Dish Nation host posted another photo of herself smiling later that day.

“today I am choosing a smile filled with a bunch of silly & a dose of thankfulness,” she captioned her joyful photo. 

Shepherd, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2007, has been working to improve her health since March 2018 when she went on a sugar-free keto diet.

A year after she began the diet, the former View host saw an improvement in her diabetes.

“The doctor excitedly said ‘OHMYGOD what did you do?” Shepherd wrotealongside a video at the time. “You’re not even prediabetic!'”

She added, “I feel so good I could scream. Just want to encourage you that this can be done. You have people who love you and need you to be here. Live for you! Live for them!”

“You can take this journey to health. Who are you living for? Who needs you here?” Shepherd said in the video, adding she lost both her mother and her aunt to diabetic complications. “When my son … asked ‘Mommy, if you die who’s going to be my bodyguard?’ I knew I had to make lifestyle changes or I would die.”

Remember, love muffins — it’s not about how you look. Your best body is your healthiest body!

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