Say What Now? Popeye's Offers Champagne-Dipped, 24-Karat Gold-Battered Chicken Wings [Photo]

To celebrate the opening of their 3,000th store, Popeyes announced a Boneless Wing Bash meal that chicken wings dipped in champagne and coated in a 24-karat gold batter.

If you were lucky, you were able to pick up the fabulous wings at four locations today.

via Complex:

If you live in the New York City, you can purchase this exclusive item on 75 Lexington Avenue. The other places are 621 Canal Street in New Orleans, 1005 North Magnolia in Anaheim, California, and their 3,000th store at 868 C E Grand Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The restaurant chain has indicated that an overwhelmingly positive reception towards the wings could lead to them bringing the dish back in additional stores.

For now, the intention behind this exclusive offer was to include Popeyes’ customers on this momentous occasion. “We wanted to share this celebration with our fans, so our chefs cooked up something extra special for them,” Popeyes president Alex Santoro said in a statement, per USA TODAY. “It’s a fun way for guests to celebrate this milestone right along with us.”

Everytime we go to Popeye’s it’s “15 minutes for spicy” — we can’t imagine how long the wait would be for 24K gold wings.

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