Say What Now? Man Kills Dad & Stabs Mom for Not Bringing Him Back Any Fast-Food |

Say What Now? Man Kills Dad & Stabs Mom for Not Bringing Him Back Any Fast-Food


32-year-old Ronald Pritchett is facing second-degree murder charges in Louisiana for killing his father and stabbing his mother because they went out to get fast food and didn’t bring any back for him.

via AP:

Percival Pritchett, 58, and his wife, Renitta Pritchett, 57, were stabbed Wednesday at their home in unincorporated Gretna. Renitta Pritchett was treated and released, University Medical Center spokeswoman Aleis Tusa said.

Fortunato said in a news release that Pritchett became enraged about food. Asked by email for more details, he replied, “They ordered food from a fast food restaurant and didn’t include him.”

Pritchett was arrested Thursday at a relative’s home near the town of Purvis, Mississippi, and waived extradition to Louisiana, Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said.

He said deputies checked several relatives’ homes before locating Percival Pritchett’s tan Chevrolet Suburban at a house where detectives were told Ronald Pritchett was in a “mother-in-law” outbuilding.

After evacuating the house, he said, the tactical team and K-9 units surrounded the smaller building.

Rigel said Pritchett refused to come out, so a dog was sent in. Pritchett was treated for minor bites before being booked as a fugitive into the Lamar County jail, Rigel said.

Fortunato said other relatives told investigators that Pritchett became enraged about the food, grabbed a knife and went upstairs to confront his parents.

They had locked their bedroom door against him, but he allegedly kicked it open and began stabbing them, Fortunato said.

He said both parents were stabbed multiple times, Percival Pritchett in the chest and Renitta Pritchett in the head.

To keep it all the way 100, if we were hungry and people went out to get some food without brining us back any — we’d be annoyed too — just not to the point of stabbing and killing anyone.

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