Say What Now? Stripper Arrested for Stabbing Boyfriend in the Eye with a Pen and Shoving a Piece of Wood Down His Throat

Justin Calhoun, stripper who resides in Florida was arrested for allegedly stabbing his boyfriend in the eyes and jamming a broken piece of wood down his throat after an argument.

via NYDN:

Authorities in Key West said they were called to a home early Monday morning following a report of a domestic dispute, ABC 10 reports. When officers arrived they found 67-year-old Mark Brann with a piece of wood in his throat and suffering from stab wounds to his eyes.

He was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami in serious condition.

Justin Calhoun, who works as a stripper, admitted to police that he attacked Brann, FL Keys News reports. He told authorities that he and Brann had gotten into an argument after he accused Brann of being a cannibal.

Police said Brann responded to the accusations by grabbing a gun and firing it, but no one was hit. Calhoun then grabbed the weapon from Brann and allegedly tried shooting him, but it jammed.

Authorities said that’s when Calhoun grabbed a pen and stabbed his partner in both eyes.

“Calhoun then inserted a piece of broken wood into Brann’s mouth, stood up, and then stomped on the piece of wood to lodge it further down into Brann’s throat,” FL Keys News reports, citing the arrest affidavit.

Calhoun continued to attack Brann, grabbing a dresser drawer and beating the injured man over the head with it. Calhoun said he then grabbed some money, a dress to wear, his backpack and “jumped out of the bedroom window while naked” before police arrived.

He was arrested and faces a charge of attempted second-degree murder. He’s being held at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office jail without bond.

Oh Florida…

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