Say What Now? School Officials Investigating Racist SoundCloud Rapper Lil Plantation [Video]

There’s an eighth-grade rapper making waves in Maryland that goes by the name of Lil Plantation — and now his school district has launched an investigation to find out who he is.

via Complex:

Lil Plantation’s SoundCloud page has since been deleted, but the Wicomico County Board of Education has launched an investigation into the songs shared on the account. Song titles on the page includes “Whips Don’t Hurt Them,” “All Slaves Are The Same,” and “Whip Hands Free.” Complete with hard-r laced n-bombs, the songs includes lines such as, “The whips won’t hurt them/New n*****s keep picking my crops, but the slaves can’t touch me so I’m not worried.”

The bio on the page said, “Don’t get offended these songs our [sic] just for entertainment purposes online.” The songs continued to gain attention around the school until teachers began noticing. The student behind the songs reportedly encouraged other students to play his songs from their phones, as local activist and graduate of the school Jamaad Gould explained.

“The fact that you’re comfortable telling people to listen to something that you know is derogatory, that you know is offensive, that you know is something that you know you should not be saying,” Gould explained. “And you’re laughing and joking about it that, to me, speaks on what his mind state is. This is in our community because kids don’t hate people based on the color of their skin from birth, it’s something that they learned. Which means that their parents who live in this community are teaching that to their kids.”

The Wicomico County Public Schools board has opened an investigation.

We hope they find that kid and expel him. Racism, in any form, should not be tolerated.

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