Say What Now? Mel B Served $5 Million Defamation Lawsuit from Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte on Her 49th Birthday |

Say What Now? Mel B Served $5 Million Defamation Lawsuit from Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte on Her 49th Birthday

According to court documents, Belafonte accuses Mel B of orchestrating a campaign to cause him emotional distress and destroy his reputation since their 2017 split.

Mel B’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte is spicing up Mel’s life with a lawsuit.

Belafonte is taking the singer to court for defamation, claiming she attempted to “cause him severe emotional distress and destroy his reputation.”

The court documents — which were filed in Florida on Mel’s birthday, April 29, and obtained by ET — show Belafonte accusing Mel B of spending “the better part of the last decade engaging in a deliberate and wide-ranging campaign.”

“Ms. Brown has stopped at nothing to falsely charge [Belafonte] with crimes and horrific offenses, including physical beatings, rape, financial abuse, emotional abuse, sex trafficking, and illegal gun possession,” ET reports the documents allege.

Mel B was married for ten years to Belafonte until their divorce in 2017. Prior to that, she was married for two years to Jimmy Gulzar. She is currently engaged to Rory McPhee.

She had previously alleged physical and verbal abuse in her marriage to Belafonte and filed a restraining order. He denied the accusations at the time, but a judge ultimately granted the order. His new suit alleges that his ex-wife “dismissed” her allegations before he had “his day in court.” Mel B has not publicly responded to Belafonte’s filing.

The singer and former judge on The X Factor and America’s Got Talent also revealed alleged details of her 10-year-marriage in her memoir Brutally Honest.

The memoir is also mentioned in the lawsuit, where Belafonte claims the book was a part of the “campaign of abuse”. He claims she has allegedly “leveraged her thirty years of fame to attack” him in a smear campaign.

“Ms. Brown has been profiting off of her public lies as she portrays Mr. Belafonte as a ‘monster’ on global television and media appearances and in her ironically named book,” the documents claim. “[Her] relentless attacks have been calculated to ensure maximum coverage of her false narratives and exact maximum damage to Mr. Belafonte’s reputation and emotional state.”

He is suing for “no less than $5 million” in damages. According to Page Six, who were first to report on the suit, Belafonte is “not looking to settle,” and plans to split any earnings from the suit with an abuse program for women.

TooFab has reached out to Mel B’s team for a comment.

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