Say What Now? Florida Woman Arrested After Punching Girlfriend for ‘Talking in Her Sleep About an Ex’

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly punching her girlfriend after reportedly hearing her “talking in her sleep about an ex.”

via: Complex

Per an arrest report acquired by the Smoking Gun, police responded to calls from a neighbor who said they could hear a fight taking place. When authorities arrived at the scene, the 21-year-old victim said she was awoken by Talley after she claimed to hear her sleep-talk about an ex. Talley “began to punch [the victim] in the face” after waking her, and cops noted that she had “visible swelling to the right side of her face consistent with her statement.”

Talley was arrested on Sunday (June 13) for domestic battery, and has maintained that their argument was only verbal rather than physical. She told the officers that the mark on her girlfriend’s face were from “a previous disorder,” not the argument that was reported to police. She was released on Monday on $2,500 bond, and she is prohibited from getting in contact with the 21-year-old victim.

Due to a previous battery arrest with a no contest plea, Talley is facing an enhanced felony charge. She’s also facing a felony marijuana possession charge from an arrest last month, so it remains to be seen if that will have an impact on any charges related to her latest domestic battery arrest on Sunday.

What did she say about her ex?

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