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Rocking the Rainbow: 19 Pride Instagram Captions That Your Followers Won’t Be Able to Help But Love

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Although Pride Month is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community comes to an end. Although spaces for all used to be limited, social media has cultivated a new avenue for identity presentation. Through networking platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and TikTok, folx have been unapologetically waving their digital flag while living in their truth, loudly and proudly, regardless of societal opinions.

Social media has also become a space for connecting with others on the rainbow and using the infamous block button to rid their timelines of homophobic trolls. Whether it’s the pictures they post or the Pride Instagram captions they write, the LGBTQIA+ babes aren’t afraid to be who they are.

Every year, the virtual world is filled with memes promoting gender equality and trending the famed hashtag #LoveIsLove. A simple scroll of the timeline could land you on a reel properly educating audiences on pronoun usage or a liberated lesbian loving the one who loves her back.

The algorithm is kaleidoscopic… and we’re here for every bit of it.

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A Quick Rundown of What Pride Month Is

Starting on June 1 every year, Pride Month is an observance honoring LGBTQIA+ culture. For the entire month, those who fall in (or even out of) the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual categories come together to advocate and celebrate equality for all.

From protests to parades, individuals designate 30 days to show up and out for the cause. The first of many marches was held in June 1970, a year after the notorious Stonewall riots. If you didn’t know, the Stonewall riots were highly publicized by trans trailblazer Marsha P. Johnson.

On June 28, 1969, police in New York City’s Greenwich Village did a routine raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar authorities frequently harassed. Amid the uprising, it was reported that a courageous Johnson stood up to the officers by flinging a shot glass and shattering a window inside the establishment.

Despite admitting that the chaos had begun before she arrived, Johnson’s name has long been attached to the monumental moment. Following the controversial event, the initiatives she launched for LGBTQIA+ rights made her the revolutionary activist and icon we know today.

Catchy Pride Month Instagram Captions to Add to Your Notes App

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  1. Love is love, they say. No, I AM LOVE. #LiveLaughLoveWhoYouAre
  2. It may be pride month, but I’m proud every day of the year.
  3. Settling for one color is boring when you could have the whole d*mn rainbow.
  4. The only things in a closet around here are my clothes… and they’re expensive.
  5. Earth isn’t so ghetto when you’re living in your truth.
  6. If you don’t feed or finance me, you shouldn’t be worried about how free I am.
  7. I don’t strive to be anything or anyone other than myself because I’m already too much for y’all.
  8. Things I love about myself: I’m queer.
  9. The only L word I’m interested in right now is Lesbian.
  10. Just out here minding my bisexual business.
  11. Who are you hiding from? Stop being afraid of yourself.
  12. You can’t put me in a box, I’m non-binary.
  14. This is a rainbow stan account.
  15. Just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I can’t stand with you.
  16. My pronouns are not for you to decide.
  17. My homosexuality should not harm you. And if it does… I don’t care.
  18. If you’re a ‘phobic,’ you may as well unPHOllow.
  19. You don’t get to IDENTIFY if you’d like to INCLUDE US. We matter, too.

Hashtag Options:

  • #LiveLaughLoveWhoYouAre
  • #LGBTQIAandLiberated
  • #RockingtheRainbow
  • #PrideMonthIsEveryDay
  • #LoveIsNotLoveWhenYouJudge
  • #LifeIsBetterInColor
  • #AllyYouSoMuch (Ally + I Love You)

Which of these Pride Instagram captions will you be using? Let us know in the comments below!

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