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Orlando Scandrick Says He DID Propose to Draya…But That’s Not All [Photo]


Orlando Scandrick is speaking out against claims that he never proposed to Draya Michele.

In response to the story, he says “LIES sometimes in life things don’t jus workout as planned.

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Well, our well-connected little birdie also dropped this tidbit:

He shouldn’t be embarrassed. [He] was going to go along with the fakeness. Instead he got out. It might be an issue with VH1 too because they filmed a lot of the “ring” stuff. So he prob signed an nda.

But he didn’t buy that ring lol

For those of you love muffins who have been with us for a while, you know baseless gossip isn’t really our thing.

We have good word there was an entire proposal staged for the VH1 show that Orlando went along with, but he decided that he wanted out in order to do what’s best for his family and his career.

Let’s just keep that in mind as this story develops…

Update: Draya has spoken.

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