Monica Stops Fans Fighting at Concert, 'I Ain’t Singing ‘Knuck If You Buck‘' [Video]

Monica said, U should’ve known better.

via: HipHopDX

The incident transpired during Monica’s show in Washington D.C. this week, and saw the R&B singer pause her performance of her hit song “Why I Love You So Much” in order to diffuse the fight.

“Wait a minute, stop, stop, stop. C’mon now, I’m singing a love song; I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck,’ baby!” Monica said, referencing Crime Mob’s raucous 2004 hit.

“Calm the fuck, calm down…Calm down. You know what, baby? They fuck you up, baby? Me too. Join the club. Take it on out of here. Take it on out of here.”

Monica then dedicated her next song to the “young lady in the pink” before performing her 2003 track “So Gone.”

Watch the moment unfold below:

Footage of the incident was reshared on Instagram by The Shade Room, and Monica slid into the outlet’s comments section to again express her confusion as to why two people would throw hands during a love song.

“Fighting on Why I Love You is WILD,” she wrote. “I was bewildered by this behavior during Why I Love U So Much. DC was a blast though.”

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