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Michelle Obama Offers Advice for Justin Bieber’s Mom

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If Justin Bieber were Michelle Obama’s son, she would “pull him close,” the first lady told Univision in an interview Friday

“I don’t know if it would be advice as much as action,” she said. “I would be very present in his life right now. And I would be probably with him a good chunk of the time, just there to talk, to figure out what’s going on in his head, to figure out who’s in his life and who’s not, you know.”

She added that she’s seen that her kids “just want you near, you know, they want that advice from a parent. They want to see you on a daily basis” and because Bieber is “still a kid, he’s still growing up,” that lesson applies.

The First Lady’s advice comes on the heels of an official petition being circulated that recently garnered enough signatures for White House review. The petition calls for Justin Bieber to be deported.

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