Lil Durk’s Reaction to Woman Peeing on Herself at His Show [Video]

A video shows Lil Durk’s reaction to a fan at one of his shows.

via: Complex

The video of the incident, which went down during the Phoenix, Arizona stop of the tour, shows how Durk was made aware that a woman had relieved herself in the crowd. Initially he thought someone had passed out, because fans were trying to get his attention.

“Somebody passed out?” Durk asked. “Huh? She pissed? She peed? What the fuck? I heard everything, but I ain’t never heard that shit, man. I don’t know what to do in this situation.” Clearly baffled that someone appeared to void their bladder in the middle of the crowd, he then asked why she did it.

“It depends on what type of pee it is,” he continued. “Did you piss ‘cause you seen us up here, or did you pee on some nasty shit? So ain’t nobody passed out or fighting, she peed? Just go to the back and clean yourself, that’s all. … Go clean yourself, Ma, it’s alright.”

Durk clearly seemed relieved that nothing too bad happened, but his bemusement over the bizarre incident is what really makes the clip.

Earlier this week, Durk recruited his lookalike Shmurkio, also known as Perkio, to star in the video for “Blocklist.” Prior to starring as Durk in the video, Shmurkio went viral over a prank video in which he posed as the rapper at a Florida mall.

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