Karrueche Announces She's a 'Single Lady' After Chris Brown Allegedly Gets Caught in Bed With a Groupie [Photos + Video] | lovebscott.com

Karrueche Announces She’s a ‘Single Lady’ After Chris Brown Allegedly Gets Caught in Bed With a Groupie [Photos + Video]

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Chris Brown’s on-again-off-again girlfirend Karrueche has declared she’s a ‘single lady’ and we now may know why.

Chris Brown went out to Supperclub in Hollywood on Sunday night and had himself a grand ole time.

Upon leaving the club, Breezy stopped to take pictures with fans before proceeding to link up with his homies and get into his newly painted Lamborghini.

Before leaving the parking lot, Chris and his friends hollered at some girls and it looks to us (and everyone else ) that he motioned for a few to get in a car.

Aside from that video (above), the picture at the below surfaced from a woman who claims to have known what went down that night.

Chris Brown Groupies

She posted several screenshots to a forum, spilling all her ‘tea’. She wrote:

Chris Brown Tea

Well, you see the still (above) from the video of Chris on his stomach as she described. Here’s the screenshot of the room:

Chris Brown Room


Assuming all this information is correct, Chris would appear to be a low down dirty dog. However, Karrueche’s ‘smirk’ emoji at the end of her tweet makes us think that she just might not be bothered…or we’re all just completely wrong about the situation.

What do you think? Is Karrueche really done with Chris or is she laughing at us for believing Chris ain’t loyal?

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