Kanye West Officially Files To Legally Change His Name To ‘YE’

Kanye West is about to hold another listening event for his album Donda, and on the eve of that ostensible release party, he’s giving fans one more hurdle to finding the album on streaming services. It’s being reported that West has filed legal documents in a Los Angeles court asking a judge to change his full name from “Kanye Omari West” to “Ye.”

via: The Blast

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Kanye had his lawyer file a petition for name change and is asking for his birth name – Kanye Omari West – be changed to ‘YE.’

In California, a judge has to sign off on someone trying to legally change their name, and in most cases, you have to publish the change in several newspapers.

In the documents, Kanye says the decision to change it is for “personal” reasons – he does not give any other information as to why he wants the switch.

As you know, Kanye is on the cusp of releasing his long-awaited next along and has been hosting massive listening parties for the record. Today, news broke that the rapper is recreating the house he grew up in, and using it for the next stadium listening party. Photos have surfaced of the structure being built right in the middle of Soldier Field in Chicago. The rapper has been living in Mercedes Benz stadium for the past few weeks, putting the finishing touches on his album.

It’s interesting, he would file the documents in Los Angeles, considering he might be keeping a home in the area to be close to his children.

Kanye West is currently going through a divorce with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian West, who will most likely as for her name to be returned to Kim Kardashian. Plus, the ‘KUWTK’ star has rebranded her beauty line to drop the ‘West’ name from its labels.

As we reported, Kanye’s ex-wife has been very supportive of his new album, regularly showing up to listening parties and bring the children. Kardashian even dressed the part, sporting an all-black bodysuit and face cover to match Kanye’s outfit.

The ‘Flashing Lights’ rapper isn’t the first billionaire rapper to decide he wanted to legally change his game. We broke the story, Diddy filed a similar document in the Los Angeles County Courts, asking that his first name be changed to ‘Love.’

The file is currently with a judge in L.A, and it’s unclear when it will officially be changed.

If Diddy can be “Love”, then Kanye can be “Ye”.

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