How Low Can She Go? NeNe Leakes Admits She Tried to Spit on Kenya Moore: 'I Did the Act' [Video]

Now that there’s video evidence, NeNe Leakes can no longer lie and say she didn’t try to spit on Kenya Moore during the final taping of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

If you recall, exclusively broke the story that an altercation ensued and NeNe tried to spit on Kenya.

Shortly after, Kenya confirmed that NeNe tried to spit on her. NeNe — trying to play on words — told everyone Kenya was lying and that she didn’t spit on her, but Kenya didn’t say that.

Kenya said she ‘tried’ to spit on her. Which is 100% accurate.

Now, NeNe is admitting to doing ‘the act’ but says she wishes she actually had spit on Ms. Moore.

You really can’t believe a thing that comes out of NeNe’s mouth these days — can you? She’s lied about this, this, AND this.

No one deserves to be spit on. That’ll get you popped.

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