Hannibal Buress Arrested for 'Disorderly Intoxication' After Getting Into a Confrontation with Cops in Miami [Video]

Hannibal Buress had to be physically pushed into a police car when he was arrested after a heated confrontation with cops.

The comedian was arrested at around 2am Sunday morning while pressing cops to justify their reason for doing so.

He refused to get in the police car and officers eventually had to shove him in the backseat. Police say he was trespassing, but his official charge is listed as ‘disorderly intoxication.’

The officer says Hannibal approached him with blood shot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and then asked him to call him an Uber. The officer says he refused, which caused Hannibal to become angry and belligerent.

Hannibal was released at around 6am after posting a $500 bond.

Watch the video below. We’re relieved that he made it to and from jail in one piece — you know how these cops do.


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