The-Dream Speaks on the State of R&B: 'There are No Male Powerhouse Singers' [Video]

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The Dream had a little chat with Vlad TV about the state of R&B music. He opens up about his working relationship with Ciara and shares his thoughts on her fiancé Future.

The Dream also elaborates on a previous statement he made about starting an R&B super group with Miguel, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and The Weeknd, but he said there’s a “big voice” missing in R&B right now. Specifically, a male powerhouse vocalist.

He  says:

Where’s the big voice? Nobody really has that anymore — that thing. Nobody has that Johnny Gill sh*t. That go to church — there’s no ‘go to church’ voice now if you really think about it. I’m looking for him. It’s hard to find him.

The interviewer mentions R. Kelly…

R. Kelly wasn’t purely like, ‘go to church’ though. He was more relying on tone. He has a great tone. K-Ci and Jojo. Those big powerhouse things. They don’t really exist anymore. Maybe everybody stopped going to church and stopped getting whippings. Whippings usually create a great voice. That switch…or getting beat with a rose stem.

We actually agree with what he’s saying (minus the whole ‘whippings’ thing). Check out the video below for his full thoughts.

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