Diddy Responds To ‘Making The Band’ Backlash [Photos + Video]

Over the last week, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been feeling the heat. There have been plenty of accusations thrown at him throughout his career from artists formerly signed to Bad Boy Records, but in recent days, his Making The Band takeover in the early 2000s has been grabbing attention.

via: Vibe

Yet, despite becoming a trending topic and being called out for his perceived mistreatment of the show’s competitors, Diddy appears to have no remorse for his actions, taking to Instagram with a post addressing the gripes of the artists. “STOP ALL YOUR CRYING, BIT*HING & MOANING. HUSTLE HARDER OR GET THE FU*K OUT OF OUR WAY,” wrote the “Victory” artist, ending the message with his new tag, “Love.”

The mogul’s blunt comments come after statements from former Da Band members Freddy P and Babs Bunny, and Day26 member Willie Taylor, all of whom spoke on their poor experience working with the Bad Boy exec and the negative impact the show had on their lives and careers. While Babs spoke on being given “shi*ty contracts,” and Taylor touched on how the artists involved in Making the Band were set up for failure, Freddy P got the most personal, accusing Diddy of being the reason he “hates” life.

“Like this n***a Puffy is the main muthaf**kin’ reason why I hate fuc*ing life, dawg,” Freddy expressed in an Instagram video. “People don’t even understand. Like, I don’t even give a f**k. I’ve never been to a point where I thought of suicide my whole life, never. I mean, I’m a gangsta.”

He continued, adding “I don’t even know how I started thinking like that. I done had it all and I fell to the bottom. How do you come back from that when you battling a giant? It ain’t got nothing to do with your skill no more ’cause your skill is 90 percent better than any n***a that’s out there right now and the world knows it. But it ain’t your skills … the world is built on relationships.”

The post has ignited a new wave of reactions. Check it out below.

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