Companies That Offer Transgender Healthcare Benefits

Gender-Affirming, These 5 Companies Offer Transgender Healthcare Benefits

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Through advocacy, companies are starting to understand that transgender healthcare benefits are necessary, reconstructive, and not cosmetic. And as people embrace their gender expression and identity, more are looking to companies to offer inclusive, gender-affirming medical care. In their 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the Human Rights Campaign reports that “94% of CEI-rated businesses offer at least one transgender-inclusive plan option with current market standard coverage.”

Thriving at work requires feeling embodied. Molly Sions, a Senior Manager in Product Management at Capital One says on the company’s website that the impact of gender-affirming care was palpable, “I transitioned from male to female while working at Capital One, and the sheer amount of support I received continues to overwhelm me. My manager and my skip leader observed that the quality of my work had made a huge leap after I became comfortable with my full self. That’s the power of inclusion.”

Here are five companies upholding transgender employees through healthcare benefits.

1. Dropbox

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Benefits offered:

  • Gender-affirming surgeries with no mental health certification required
  • Travel benefit of a maximum of $10,000 for care that’s not available within 75 miles of their home state
  • Mental health services including eight therapy and eight coaching sessions
  • A quarterly allowance for wellness, nutrition, and more to support employee’s unique needs

 2. Intuit

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Benefits offered:

  • Gender-affirming surgeries and therapies such as voice therapy or surgery, electrolysis, pectoral implants, insertion of testicular prosthesis, and more
  • Behavioral healthcare for gender dysphoria and related psychiatric conditions
  • Hormonal therapy and lab testing
  • Preventative health screenings
  • Travel and lodging benefits if there are no healthcare providers within 50 to 60 miles of an employee’s home

3. Squarespace

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Benefits offered:

  • Social, medical, and legal gender affirmation by changing how the employee is addressed in the workplace, surgery or hormones, and legally changing gender marker or name
  • Behavioral telehealth services and an employee assistance program with 24/7 online and phone support and in-person counseling
  • A personal leave of up to 12 weeks to address a serious health condition

4. Capital One

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Benefits offered:

  • 100% prescription medication benefits, like HIV PrEP
  • Gender-affirming surgeries and procedures
  • Employee assistance program and free telehealth with a doctor or therapist
  • Low- or no-cost primary, urgent, or specialty care, virtual or on-campus
  • Free virtual second opinions for employees or a loved one

5. Adobe

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Benefits offered:

  • Gender-affirming surgery, including gender-affirming chest surgery
  • Hormone therapy and lab services
  • Electrolysis or laser hair removal
  • Surgical interventions such as liposuction and lipofilling, gluteal augmentation, and more
  • Pre and postoperative exams and treatment for medical complications
  • Voice and communication therapy to develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills

A company’s efforts to be inclusive not only create a positive work environment but increase profits as well. When exclusion is the norm, companies cause long-term problems of retention and productivity. Included in overall well-being is financial wellness. Some companies also offer a flexible spending account (FSA), which takes a portion of your earnings pre-tax to help you save on out-of-pocket medical expenses. Check to see if the company also contributes to the FSA. If these companies don’t pique your interest, there are over 600 companies that offer some form of transgender healthcare benefits.

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