Cardi B vows to start GoFundMe for incarcerated ‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic |

Cardi B vows to start GoFundMe for incarcerated ‘Tiger King’ star Joe Exotic

Cardi B is team Joe Exotic all the way!

The Bronx-born rapper, 27, took to Twitter in defense of Joe “Exotic” Maldonado-Passage, the controversial star of current Netflix phenomenon, docu-series “Tiger King.” He is currently serving a 22-year-sentence for attempting to facilitate the murder of nemesis Carole Baskin and a slew of animal cruelty charges.

The “Money” artist, however, doesn’t believe the charismatic inmate got a fair shake, saying she would consider setting up a GoFundMe account for the former Oklahoma governor contender.

After calling out Baskin, Cardi retweeted a meme asserting the Big Cat Rescue founder killed her late husband and fed him to the tigers she keeps in her Florida sanctuary, an accusation leveled against Baskin by Exotic and several others throughout the documentary.

She went on to ask fans, “Who you think burn Joe studio?” with most replying they believe Joe did it himself. Still, that didn’t stop the former reality star from empathizing, going on to tweet, “They did Joe so dirty over and over again.”

“Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe .He shall be free,” she added.

Exotic recently filed a $94 million lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is seeking a presidential pardon.

“This lawsuit has been filed in the name of Justice, The Trump Administration must be made aware of the Overreach, perjury, abuse of power and the failure to uphold the Oath of their position which is truth and Justice for all,” the gun-toting Oklahoma native wrote in a post.

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