Candace Owens Says a White Man Can Play Obama Amid Anne Boleyn Casting Backlash [Photo]

Conservative pundit Candace Owens has weighed in on the controversial casting of Jodie Turner-Smith as English queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, in an upcoming historical drama series.

via: BET

The actress portrayed England’s King Henry VIII’s wife on Tuesday night (June 1) in the first of three episodes of Channel 5’s Anne Boleyn. The project follows her in the months leading up to her 1536 execution.

Taking to Twitter, the conservative commentator shared her take, comparing a Black woman’s portrayal of a white woman to white people’s ability to act as the 44th President and his spouse.

“I’m actually totally fine with Jodie Turner playing the role of Anne Boleyn so long as the radical left promises to keep their mouth shut if in the future Henry Caville is selected to play Barack Obama and Rachel McAdams can play Michelle. Not double standards- K?” she wrote.

The tweet was a response to a post by Twitter user @BellaWallerstei, who shared an image of Anne Boleyn and a caption reading: “On this day in 1533 Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England. For the benefit of Channel 5 researchers this is what Anne Boleyn looked like.”

In an interview with the Radio Times last month, Turner-Smith reflected on her historic casting, saying: “It’s much more approachable and appealing to a contemporary audience when you cast this way because we are distilling this down to a human experience. If you ask anyone to watch a film or to observe any art, you are asking them to suspend their beliefs.”

She added: “I am aware it’s going to be a stretch for some people because they will feel too distracted by that, but I think for a lot of other people who are finally ready to see the world in a different way, they’re going to see that this is a human story we are telling, and a fascinating one at that.”

Of course she would want white people to play Barack and Michelle.

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