Blonde Ambition: Madonna Beats Lady Gaga with Most Successful Tour of 2012

The rivalry continues. Madonna and Lady Gaga both took on grueling tour schedules in 2012, but who managed to rake in the most cash? Find out below:

It’s no secret that Madonna and Lady Gaga have been duking it out all year, from thinly veiled mashup digs to reported snubs about collaborating onstage. But the two have also be slugging it out in another arena: the bid for bragging rights to the year’s biggest tour.

So who came out on top?

Score a majestic victory for Madge!

The warhorse diva—whose MDNA tour was never short on antics (breastsbuttsswastikas!)—was the runaway champ according to Billboard, ringing up a moola-rrific $228 million from 72 shows.

Coming in second was Bruce Springsteen with $199 million from 72 gigs, followed by Roger Waters with $186 million and Cirque du Soleil‘s Michael Jackson-inspired Immortal tour, which drummed up $147 million.

Coldplay and Van Halen also made the top 10, with $147 million and $54 million in grosses, respectively.

So how did Gaga fare?

She actually clocked in at No. 6, scoring almost $125 million from 65 shows.

Hmmm…maybe that joint gig Madge had proposed to Gaga wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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