Bill Cosby's Attorney Speaks Out After Reports of Lawsuits Settled with Several Accusers: 'He Is Not Paying Anything to Anyone'

Seven women who were suing Bill Cosby for defamation reached a settlement in that case Friday — but Bill Cosby says he had nothing to do with it.

via Yahoo:

An attorney representing seven women — Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, Louisa Moritz and Angela Leslie — told a judge in Massachusetts federal court that they are satisfied with a settlement resolving their claim of being defamed by the actor, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The women filed suit in 2014 claiming an attorney for Cosby, who’s currently serving 3 to 10 years for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, tarnished their reputations by telling the media they “fabricated” their “absurd” and “ridiculous” claims of sexual misconduct.

However, while the settlement was reached (pending the judge signing off on it), a representative for Cosby took to Facebook minutes after the news broke and denied that the Cosby Show star had anything to do with it.

“Mr. Cosby did not settle any cases with anyone,” said the statement. “He is not paying anything to anyone, and he is still pursuing his counterclaims. AIG decided to settle these cases, without the knowledge, permission and/or consent of Mr. Cosby. Mr. Cosby vehemently denies the allegations brought against him in these defamation suits and he maintains his innocence.”

The reason American International Group (AIG) comes into play is because Cosby had homeowner’s insurance through the company. Because of that, a judge ruled in 2016 that AIG had to defend him in this lawsuit — and two other similar ones, including one filed by Janice Dickinson.

Reuters explained at the time that while homeowner policies “typically cover personal injuries, such as when a person falls down on an insured’s property,” Cosby had “excess” coverage that carries “enhanced protections.”

While AIG sued Cosby at one point to get out of representing him, a judge ultimately ruled in Cosby’s favor. So, as Cosby noted, AIG handled the settlements in the lawsuit — and he won’t personally be making any financial payments. 

Whether the money came out of Bill Cosby’s account or was provided by someone on his behalf, he’s still the man at the center of the settlment.

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