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Insanity Developer Shaun T Marries Longtime Boyfriend Scott Blokker [Photos]

We just had to post this!

Shaun T, the developer of the hugely successful Insanity fitness program, married his longtime boyfriend Scott Blokker Saturday. Shaun Thompson (Shaun T) confirmed the news via Twitter after he retweeted his friend Alex Coloreo’s message regarding the pair’s nuptials.



Congratulations to the oh so handsome couple!

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  1. Congrats!! We know what couple has the best bodies now dont we!!! <3

  2. Yay, Shaun T!

  3. That in too much fineness in one marriage. Congrats to you both.

  4. Just another black gay guy with a white dude is all it is. The image is far too common to celebrate as it has done nothing but encourage the widespread perception that ALL black gay men hate being romantically involved with one another. Not true, but it is a view and image largely enbrace within the gay community and causing black gay men to be viewed as hating their “blackness” that in turn leads them to seek out white partners to build relationships with. Seeing two black men perceived as loving one another is surprisingly revolutionary, especially among many within the black community; the image counts for everything important in challenging their prejudices against same-sex loving male couples.

    • Shut up about love cuz even though the gay community is far from generally monogamous black on black is extremely prone to cheating in the gay scene not to mention how hard it is to find the right guy who ISN’T on the dl. Which is another huge point of why some of us tend to get fed up with being pinholed to finding another black guy- MUCH of the black community is extremely hateful to the gays and being that we as black people are more prone to our families in general so many of us live on the dl just to remain acceptable just to other people of the same color but, some of us get extremely tired of being poked and prodded much harder by our own people so we get disgusted and find ANY OTHER PEOPLE TO BE WITH!!! and for several other people like myself it just depends on the day cuz I get tired of hearing bull shit especially if it’s that ignorant bull shit about being less important because I’m MIXED because before I was gay you folks tried to shame me for my lighter skin and different features although I’m clearly not white Asian Latino or Middleeastern or any type of native American and when I DECIDED-NOT BORN- to be gay I saw the different treatment each race gave us as gay men and which race is one of the worst to its gay men- black people!! I won’t say the worst but definitely up there. So what do you fucking expect? If I find a decent black man who ISN’T a fucking QUEEN and is OUT that in itself is a miracle cuz unless he can’t hide it black gay man gon stay in that closet almost forever !! AND THEN IF HE’S MONOGAMOUS??? OMG I’M SUPPOSED TO KISS THE TOILET HE SHITS ON?! REALLY?! another reason why we all (OPENLY GAY BLACK MEN) seem to want white/Latin/the rest is mainly because most openly gay black guys are again extremely effeminate while many other races are not necessarily. At any fucking rate YOU’RE ALL still WRONG as there is a vast majority of, MAINLY, closeted black men who WOULDN’T touch a white guy with a ten foot dick and exclusively lust, love and long only for MEN OF COLOR! Some allow other races except whites but MANY exclusively desire BLACK/MIXED ONLY and furthermore get over yourselves cuz it works both ways NIMRODS- if you think so many guys are going outside their race and faking love well there are PLENTY of folks faking love staying WITHIN their race  and THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!!

  5. khavari82@yahoo.com

    Not discriminating at all, and I believe you can always love who you want to whether gay, straight, color has no meaning but I have to agree with Newton, Wats up with dating another Brotha Shaun????

    • lollipopstarjj88

      Probably nothing wrong at all if he had fallen in love with “another brotha”… but he didn’t – he fell in love with Scott, who just happens to be white.

  6. I have to “piggy-back” off some of the post about race. But it annoys me to no ends. I will say this: Before you came out and before those in your life tainted themselves with misconceptions; we were all raised to love. Not taught to love based on someones race, physical abilities, or sex. So for a message from my parents… “We thought for a while we did something wrong, but then we realized, we must have done something right. You love with your heart not with your eyes.”

    • I hate to say this, but you seem a bit naive. You make it seem like all of this “lovey-dovey” between people of different races in the gay community is commonplace, as if it’s the norm. And also, that the posts about race are simply unnecessary and don’t belong there. You must not be aware of, for instance, the blatant and rampant racism that exists towards Black peoples (and other peoples of color) within the gay community. This anti-Black racism is often perpetuated by idiotic Blacks themselves who will chase after someone of any race but their own. The same can be said for other people of color. I don’t see it happening much with Whites, however. I’m sure that the vast majority of us were taught to love blindly. But the gay community opened up the eyes of many of its members. Black gay men have to deal with seeing their own, in real life and in the media, constantly, with someone of another race, when, in the gay community, Black gay men are the least desired and the least considered for dating and/or sexual partners. They hardly ever see Black gay men loving each other, but it’s much harder for them to get a date with Whites, Latinos and Asians. So, is that okay? Obviously, as those who don’t have to deal with it never touch up on it. But then many of you feel the need to protest when a Black gay man voices their disgust at seeing yet again, another successful Black man choosing not to be with their own? That’s what it to seems like.

      Let me say this, however: I do believe that love comes in all colors and combinations of them. I think true, and I must emphasize the word true, love between people of different races is simply beautiful and I support it. I congratulate Shaun and hope he’s genuinely happy. His new husband’s actually kinda cute.

    • No, they STILL probably think that they did something wrong but they aren’t going to tell YOU that because that would drive you away and they still love you as a person and are not willing to walk away from their son or all of their hard work.

      You have to understand that NO parent wants their children to come out gay because being gay is a direct contradiction to nature – it stops the NATURAL cycle of procreation through NATURAL MEANS (you can get mad about this but you can’t deny it). At the same time, most people with common sense know that this couldn’t possibly be your fault and has to be a natural feeling as as no one would want to be so different from everyone else and these feelings show up despite social norms. So the people (including your parents) who see this happening, know that 1) It’s not your fault, it’s probably a genetic issue that they couldn’t detect and therefore you cannot be blamed and 2) they may feel that they’ve done something wrong but in the end it was probably a genetic malfunction on their part (hence why they blamed themselves at first) but there’s nothing they can or could have done about it.

      The only thing they can do is mourn the loss of having natural grandchildren and celebrate the fact that you’re still here.

      It’s difficult for everybody.

      • You do know that most gay men are, in fact, still men and can procreate? We still have the equipment and can still make that happen. People do it everyday.

  7. I am hardly surprised that his spouse is white. This is common in the gay community. Also, he is a “mixed” guy. When most white/latins talk about hot black guys, they are really referring to mixed guys. I have less concern about Shaun (a mixed guy) dating whites as I do with black guys dating whites. The gay community hates unmixed black men, and unmixed black men hate other black men even more. It’s extremely hard to be a gay black man. And, it takes a heavy toll on the mental health of black gay men. Those are the simple facts.




  9. You could tell he was gay just by his mannerisms but *shrug* looks like us women lot another one! :-( I know it’s not any guy’s fault that he’s gay. I’m almot sure that this is a genetic issue that was caused in the womb and that’s why it feels natural – so again, not their fault. It’s just that if we don’t recognize that this is a problem, we’re all going to be in trouble soon. :-(

  10. You could tell he was gay just by his mannerisms but *shrug* it looks like us
    women have lost another one! :-(

    I know it’s not any guy’s fault that they’re gay. I’m almost sure that this is a genetic issue that was caused either in the womb or during gestation and that’s why it feels natural – so again, not their fault. It’s just that if we don’t recognize that this is a problem, we’re all going
    to be in trouble soon. :-(

    • screw you I'm gay on purpose

      Please I’m tired of hearing this bull shit it’s a choice as if it’s so hard to believe a man would actually want intentionally want to be with another man is ridiculous and extremely insulting. Fuck you cunt because EVERY and I mean EVERY FATHER is EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WHEN he finds out he’s getting DAUGHTER! STRAIGHT OR GAY WERE ALL DISGUSTED! So at least half of the entire world is disappointed by YOUR VERY GENDER for SEVERAL years BEFORE your sexual preferences are ever revealed! Lol and if you think MANY mothers AREN’T DISAPPOINTED or LOATH raising girls you are SERIOUSLY IN DENIAL!!!

      Why not choose to be gay?! Lol nature proves again and again that the MOST ATTRACTIVE of ANY species are always the males and generally their female counter parts are some dumpy looking nondescript blob just made for pushing out babies lol!iI guess it’s true straight guys are right ask your good for is pussy :-D – it’s a shame human males can give each other better orgasms than females can and your horrible personalities and worthless lazy work ethic make you try to withhold sex as an immature tactic to control men and annoy at work when wyou want us to stop everything to help you do your jobs- equal opportunity and equal pay are good in theory but realistically most you just don’t deserve it and bitch each other out most of the work day and slow down productivity in general because EVEN WOMEN DON’T LIKE OTHER WOMEN!!! and try to get men involved in the silly catty bull shit AGAIN slowing us down- do the world a favor STAY THE FUCK AT HOME for the dudes unfortunate enough to be attractedthat feeble hot mess of whining bitching bleeding cramping and jealousy that is female and ONLY take up jobs as surrogate mothers and maids- not professional maids who clean offices- no that’s still a little too much of you out in public-but as house maids and all female beauty salons cuz again ya need a lot of artificial work to compete with raw natural male beauty- NOW THAT I COMMEND MY STRAIGHT BROTHERS ON! THEY TOOK ONE LOOK AT THE FEMALES OF THIS SPECIES AND SAID “HEEEELLLLLL NAAAAWWW!! NOT-GONNA-HAVE-IT!” And spent hundreds and thousands of years beating it into your heads that you’re never gonna be pretty enough, making you paint your faces, slap on clumsy clown shoes, frilly whorish and outlandish lacy cloths, beads, jewels chains hoops and rings, and even employ hoists, levers and pullies just to hold your sagging goods up for the world in hopes one of us guys will saddle up KUDOS BRAVO TO THEM!! TRULY ONE OF MAN’S GREATEST WORKS OF GENIUS

  11. As a person in a gay interracial marriage, i must say that people need to relax. If we all focused more about serious issues, we would be better off. We live our life, and others need to do the same. My marriage is not about what the neighbors think or feel, and I never sit and reflect on what their love life is all about.

  12. As a person in a gay interracial marriage, i must say that people need to relax. If we all focused more about serious issues, we would be better off. We live our life, and others need to do the same. My marriage is not about what the neighbors think or feel, and I never sit and reflect on what their love life is all about.

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