Watch: Sarah Paulson Performs a Dramatic Reading of Hillary Clinton's Emails [Video]


Samantha Bee brought out her “best new intern,” Sarah Paulson, to perform a dramatic reading of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Monday night’s “Full Frontal” — and it shows just how much of a waste of time the whole email ‘scandal’ has been.

via Variety:

Since FBI director James Comey declared, after looking through millions of emails related to the Clinton campaign, that “there is nothing there,” the late-night host started her segment by doing an overview of what information the emails contained. She highlights times that Clinton emailed about helping people, but mostly takes jabs at the presidential nominee’s technological incompetence.

“About a million of them are just Hillary and Huma [Abedin] emailing ‘You up?’ to each other,” Bee said, adding, “We were a little scandalized to learn that Hillary can’t use a printer, and has her staff print everything from articles on nuclear weapons to AOL lifestyle pieces on whether love can help you live longer.”

To help give the events surrounding Clinton’s emails even more gravitas, Paulson stepped out to read some highlights including, “Can you give me times for two TV shows: ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Good Wife’?” and “Is there a text number for people to use to donate? I could publicize in speech today. Also, if you’re around today could you help me with my iPad?”

To wrap up her performance, the Emmy-award-winning actress states variations on one of Clinton’s favorite phrases to type: “Please print.”

Watch below.

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