Terry Crews Calls Out Alleged Sexual Harasser Adam Venit As He Returns to Work Following His Suspension

Terry Crews is not happy with the fact that Adam Venit has returned to work following a one-month mandatory suspension.

via THR:

WME’s Adam Venit is back at the company’s Beverly Hills headquarters after serving a one-month unpaid suspension, the agency confirmed Monday.

The agent had been disciplined in late October over a February 2016 incident in which he allegedly grabbed agency client Terry Crews’ genitals. Senior management at WME only learned of the incident in October in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal that has prompted victims to come forward with their own tales of misdeeds in Hollywood. On Oct. 10, Crews tweeted that he had been groped by an unnamed male power broker, but it later emerged in the press that the man was Venit. 

The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that Venit would return to the agency after his one-month suspension elapsed.

Still, Venit, who reps such high-earning clients as Adam Sandler and Shawn Levy, has not escaped the allegations unscathed. The 54-year-old veteran agent, who also reps Steve Martin, Sylvester Stallone and Vince Vaughn, was demoted from his position as head of the motion picture department. Upon his return Monday, Venit made a tearful apology to staff at the agency’s morning meeting, according to sources.

At the time of the incident, Crews complained about Venit’s behavior to his agent, WME’s Brad Slater, but agency sources say that the matter was never taken up the ladder. But following Crews’ October tweet, WME learned that it was Venit whom the actor was referencing and began investigating to determine if it was an isolated event or indicative of a pattern. WME sources say the agency found the former to be the case.

Separately, Crews fired WME and filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Adam needs to go.

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