Incredible! Son & Daughter of Charleston Shooting Victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton: 'We Already Forgive Him for What He's Done' [Videos]


Their mother Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was one of the nine churchgoers killed in the Charleston church shooting Wednesday night, but Chris and Camryn Singleton have already forgiven their mother’s killer.

On Thursday evening, less than 24 hours since their mother’s death, Chris and Camryn spoke to the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan and shared their thoughts.


“I just feel a lot of love — a little bitter, but I’m overwhelmed with love,” Camryn said.

Chris echoed his sister’s sentiments, saying, “We already forgive him for what he’s done, and there’s nothing but love from our side of the family.”


During a prayer vigil Thursday evening, an incredibly composed Chris continued with the message of love and forgiveness.


“We are mourning right now, but I know we will get through it. My mom was a God-fearing woman; she loved everybody with all her heart. To the other families, I’m sorry about what happened. Obviously you guys are as devastated as we are, but I know for a fact things will get better as time goes on.”

“Love is always stronger than hate. So if we just love the way my mom would, then the hate won’t be anywhere close to what love is.”

“We’ve come together as a community, tried to get past these things. You know, a tragedy has happened, but life’s going to go on, and things will get better.”

“Honestly, my knees are a little weak right now, but I’m trying to stay as strong as I can while I press on.”

One thing’s for sure: Sharonda, a mother of three, left behind two remarkable children in Chris and Camryn Singleton.


See below for yourself.

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