Say What Now? Burglar Strips Naked for Security Cameras Before Robbing a New York City Restaurant [Photo]

Most thieves cover up completely to avoid being identified — but one man decided to do the exact opposite and stripped down before committing his crime.

via NYDN:

The man, 28 to 35 years old with a trim build, got butt-naked when he knocked over the Adalya Mediterranean restaurant on Irving Place near E. 17th St. at 7 a.m. July 5.

After forcing his way in through the side door, he disrobed for the security cameras.

Then he snatched an iPad, a cordless phone, a company credit card and $600 from the bar’s cash register.

Before he left, he donned a black t-shirt, dark-colored shorts, white socks and blue sneakers — and made his escape fully clothed.

“You can’t get anymore naked than that,” said a police source. “We really can’t make sense of it.”

Maybe he thought investigators would be too distracted by his dick to focus on his identity. Or maybe he was just having a little fun in the process.

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