Say What Now? Two Texas Women Accused of Sex with 14-Year-Old Boy They Met at Pool Party

Two women are being accused of having sex with raping a 14-year-old boy they met at a pool party back in July.

One of the women allegedly warned the teen to keep quiet after their encounter.

via People:

Local reports state the party in Temple, Texas, was attended by both minors and adults.

The suspects — Desiree Cherie Hovatter, 19, of Houston, and Austin resident Savanna Nicole Spurlock, 21 — allegedly met the teen at the party, and later, Hovatter is accused of returning with the boy to his home and having sex with him in his sister’s bed. The Temple Daily Telegram reports the alleged victim’s parents were out of town at the time of the incident attending to a family emergency.

Spurlock is accused of having sex with the boy in mid-August, according to KWTX.

Hovatter and Spurlock were charged with second-degree felony sexual assault of a child. Both remain in custody on $100,000 bond, but it was unclear if either had appeared before a judge to enter a plea.

PEOPLE was unable to determine if they had lawyers who could comment on the allegations for them.

According to the Daily Telegram, a relative of the teen said he admitted to her that he’d had sex with Hovatter.

The boy allegedly told a forensic examiner he had sex with both Hovatter and Spurlock, according to KWTX, and that Spurlock allegedly told him in August not to tell anyone about what happened or “she would have to go to jail for 10 years.”

The two women face 20 years in prison if convicted

Lock ’em up!

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